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Music and lyrics by Parentheses
Trombone on tracks 2, 6, and 9 by Alex Muckey
Trumpet on tracks 2, 6 and 9 by our own Conner Butenschoen

All songs were recorded between the winter and spring months of 2015.


released May 30, 2015

Recorded, mixed, mastered by Mitch Clem
Instruments tracked @ Paul's Cabin in Sterling, Virginia
Vox and harmonies tracked @ Mitch's house in RVA

Album art and conception by Keith Pfeiffer


all rights reserved



Parentheses Richmond, Virginia

A bro quartet for all ear shapes.
Danny Cortiz
Casey Grum
Conners Buttshowen
Riley Murturtle


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Track Name: Favorite Color
It's worked out when notes speak clearly
Living deaf to tone would lead me downhill

From heartfelt songs of need
To snot nosed punk in black and white

All equipped to travel down the street to meet
The other beings who flee this daily scene
They watch TV, and bitterly split down
This town upgrades to better things
Upraising energy
Track Name: Strawberry Jar
We made promises, and knew they wouldn't keep
It made no sense to me, but for the time being, they kept us both at ease
Encourage the dishonesty, saw fit to be
No more than the passing of a beggar on the street

It seems safe endless time,
Would bring me comfort when the bells ring
Although this entity is distracting,
It's the blue and green that gets me

Stripped away of thoughts for far too long.
With a minor sense of entitlement,
Will it still animate like a burning bush?
Every time I take a look?
And if these centuries burn away will we say
We won't make the same mistake twice.

Start at verse 1,2
Track Name: Royale with Cheese
Strength requires a melody,
nothing short of something in a dream
But inevitably,
it all comes down to what's written in ink

I'm in that phase again where I pick up where I left off
My body is out to lose control
I try so hard to make sense of every single detail, but none of this is really here and now I hear vibrating tone
If I believed it then did you? No!
If I believed it then did you know?

Let's leave this ordinary place behind

Say "you miss home", you never thought about leaving
Don't pretend that it's somehow deceiving
I called your bluff, why wasn't that enough?
Question these answers and answers will never be questioned
Track Name: See Green
Waves of apathy
(I need your help now)
Rush to take hold of me
(Spinning circles, lying down hurts)
Manipulates all the dreams
(Everything I constitute)
I never care to have
(This makes us look small)

There's a gap when looking back,
I left a couple things behind

(I've been hiding from my thoughts in the dark)

Theres so much motion in creative thought
So take a hold on something as lasting as the years

(A Clockwork Orange, red painted in my head)

Theres so much motion in creative thought
So take a hold on something as lasting as the years

Although you may, repent and change
The pieces stay put together just the way they are

I'm still okay what a landslide
But still thinking of what to say without lying to you is something new, it's written on my face how I got this way
Pressed up against the looking glass, look, feel, count how many times I've tried to make the normal work.
Track Name: Farmer's Almanac
And so I'll write my first words today
Now that distance is standing in the way
It was hard to understand what you lost
All potential time was so much longer than we thought
The debt weighed heavy, no chance to pay it off

The world gets darker, as it seems.
You built your alter in the field
For lessons of piety

(Your choice up or get down, your choice up or get out)

Trees' only weakness being ignorant
To which ways its branches will bend

Synesthetic palettes draw lines with our eyes
Matching colors, perspectives and emotions they despise
You saw the connection
Put paints together to combine an idea with a picture
So dim those lights, and realize a sensation
An odorless indication.
Track Name: Nacer
Good mother,
I've gone mad enough to say
It slipped out
These hopes and dreams ripped up when our loved ones do split from eighty years
This repeats when...
Good mother I've gone mad enough to say

Watch every move you make
Watch every move
Track Name: Black Wings
I want to say something that what's done is done it's cold hearted
As every ounce pours out the beloved take me
When everything is this twisted oh this time we will cry off your shoulder, This sick ambition.

We are phased you know it
Please one more round before this pilot takes you
Those black wings
They're what's stealing everything

I'm hoping the best,
I'm pushing my doubts aside because I'm glad I've known you
This whole thing turned out to be insane
I'm hoping the best, pushing my doubts aside
Track Name: Afton Infant
Born to a process, its a common white noise
No seed that's sprung can make a stand here
We see a place that's rotting charm these toxins drain you
Well you spend hours no even days to deal your pain

You've gotta buy them for your little one, don't spend it all on you
But in this day there is not much to work with
Even less to lean back on
Raise your child as you...

But in this?

You're against the wind a threefold aims at you, and parched enough to drink some of that 45
Playing the blame game intended all the way with this brand new growth.

You're against the wind that threefold lost one shoe with this brand new growth
Track Name: 8789
Put forth a change we will sink ourselves up
Non-solubles here will give us enough of this
Plead in years plead.

What's fallen is growing.

(Consistent accident, call it tragic.
Abandoned construction continues to stand.)

To live this way it would take fifteen earths right here to sustain.
These things will never change.
Day by day.

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